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How To Make Moving With A Cat Easier

If you're looking at moving and you have a cat to bring along, there are steps you should follow to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your pet. Knowing what to pack and how to handle your cat during the move will minimize stress for everyone involved.


You should get your moving boxes out along with your cat carrier a few days in advance. This lets your cat get used to their presence. You may find your cat likes to hide and play in them, but that's a good thing! The more interaction your cat gets with the boxes, the less threatening they'll be come moving day.

Set aside a special box for your cat. Any blankets that your cat likes to lay on should go in this box. You should also put any scratchers they like to use in this box. These items should be unpacked first after you move to help your cat reestablish their territory. Cats are incredibly territorial animals and may feel anxious at the sudden loss of territory.

Moving Day

Hiring movers will make a move with a cat less hectic. Movers will get your belongings out more quickly, so your cat has fewer chances to get out. To make things extra safe, you can close your pet in an empty room while the movers work. This keeps your kitty safe and lets the movers stress a little less about potentially letting your cat out. Be sure to place a sign on the door so the movers know not to open the door to the room.

When it's time to leave, place your kitty in the carrier. Your cat may howl or sound like they're in distress but don't open its carrier for any reason. If you do, your cat may dash out and escape. You can soothe your pet by talking to it and making sure you take the shortest route to your new home.

Getting Settled

After you've arrived and the movers have dropped off your boxes, it's time to get your cat settled. New territory is scary to cats, as the new area doesn't have its scent present. Place used scratchers in doorways and near you. Place well-snuggled blankets in safe places, like cat trees, baskets, or shelves. Doing this stuff now will help reduce the time it takes for your cat to get settled. Its scent will be present on these items and be a comfort to your cat. 

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