Storing Seasonal Home Décor

Get Help From Movers To Avoid Damage To Key Features In Both Homes

While preparing for a move, you may feel confident about packing items and disassembling furniture, especially if you have the assembly book for some or all the furniture pieces. But even though you may know that you can handle certain processes with confidence, you may be worried about some of the other tasks, such as moving everything throughout your house.

If a top priority is avoiding damage to the home that you are moving out of as well as the house that you are moving into, you should hire professional movers, like those at Taurus Moving, to assist with this process.


One of the features that is most at-risk when loading and unloading possessions is the doorways, especially if you are dealing with narrower doorways in the new home. This is because you may prepare furniture and boxes to fit through all the doorways in your current house. But as soon as you arrive with your possessions and want to move things inside, you may need to get extra creative with fitting items through the doorways or even further disassembling furniture pieces.


In an ideal situation, you will be able to carry everything from its place in your home to the moving truck. But this is not something that you may feel confident in doing when you know that certain boxes and furniture pieces are rather bulky and heavy. Even with help from family and friends, you could risk dropping items or scraping them across the floor in your house.

This could lead to scratches on hardwood floors or cracks on tile floors. Even carpet fibers are at risk of getting snagged when sharp edges on furniture are dragged too close to the floor.


While you may be able to keep items away from the walls in most situations, especially if you can fit everything through the doorways, you may not be as careful as you are around the doorways. This can lead to a situation in which a wall gets scratched and the paint may even come off.

In the home that you are leaving, you may need to get touchup paint to cover up any chips or scratches. If this happens inside your new home, you may also want to touch up any paint damage so that you can look forward to living in an attractive house in excellent condition.

With help from movers, you will not have to worry about causing damage to key features in either home.