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Interior Designers: 4 Things They Wish You Knew

Are you considering working with an interior designer to update the look and feel of a room or your whole house or apartment? If so, you are in luck. Interior designers can add an element of atmosphere that you might not be able to achieve otherwise. Designers have a trained eye and a creative mind to know what works and what doesn't. However, there are at least a few things interior designers wish you knew about them and their services before hiring them.

Real Interior Design Is Nothing Like HGTV

Realistically speaking, people would end up shelling out a lot more than what they do on your TV screen to secure the remodeling, redesign, and interior design they receive throughout the episode. Interior designers wish you understood the reality of how much their services cost. It is harmful to think that they are charging too much when the cost usually includes their time, the furnishings and décor, storage, and shipping.

Interior Design Projects Take Time

The pieces of furniture and décor you want to be used in your interior design can increase or decrease the time it takes for the design project. For instance, if there are highly specific pieces, an interior designer may have to have the pieces ordered and shipped. There is a reason interior designers work with shipping agencies.

For starters, they do not necessarily have the storage space to hold various pieces of furnishings for design projects. Instead, they typically have the pieces shipped to them and the shipper can also offer to store the item or deliver immediately. A quote given to you for your interior design will include the costs spent on shipping, storage, and delivery.

To learn more about interior design shipping services, contact an interior designer.

Having a General Idea of What You Want Is Easier

Interior designers are not magicians. Although they are trained professionals at what they do, they cannot simply walk into a space, look around, and know what you want. You may think it is a great idea to tell them to use their imagination, but it is not. It is better to have a general idea of what you want done with the space.

Pin images from online searches and magazines as inspiration for your space so you can show the interior designer what you like or don't like. It is important that you discuss things you hate, such as color or print. The last thing you want is to pay for design services only to walk in to find a leopard print rug in your living room that makes you want to run screaming in the other direction.

Failure to Make a Decision Is Costly

If you think that leaving every decision up to the interior designer is a good idea, you would be wrong. Interior designers prefer clients who know what they want. If you are insistent on being indecisive, it can be a costly decision to make. If the designer must show you several options to motivate you, the cost of the design may go up.

You need to realize that a few options are far better than 10 or more. Therefore, keep your options minimal by having a decent idea about what you want to be done with the space in terms of color and style. Keep in mind that being indecisive will also mean the project can take longer, and time is money when it comes to interior design. Therefore, the more decisive you are, the less you'll spend.

If you are interested in learning more about interior design services near you, contact a professional today.