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Tips For Staying Sane As You Move Your Household

If you just sold your home and need to move your household to your next house, then follow these time-tested tips to stay sane during the process:

Tip: Start Cleaning, Purging, and Packing Today

As you already know, the process of cleaning, packing, and moving your household is a huge undertaking. The absolute best thing you can do to keep your sanity through the process is to start working on it today. Every day that you delay and don't clean things out and pack for your move is making your future days more hectic and frustrating. Even if you are using a professional moving company, you still have a lot of purging of your belongings and cleaning to work on. The earlier you get started the less work you will need to do each day leading up to your move.

Tip: Sell, Donate, or Toss Everything You Do Not Need or Want Anymore

It's a proven fact that most American households have thousands of items in them, and many of these items are no longer actively being used. The first step in a successful move is to cull all of these things so that you don't have to pay to move them. Larger and more expensive items can be sold while smaller and less valuable items can be donated or tossed depending upon their condition.

Tip: Pack Essential Items in Specially Marked Boxes and Move Them with You in Your Vehicle on Moving Day

Since your family has certain items that they cannot go without even in the first days following your move, these items should be packed in specially marked boxes that you will personally move in your car on moving day. Use a bright colored marker and color these boxes so they can be easily identified. Into these boxes, include:

  • your coffee pot, filters, and coffee beans
  • your family's toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and razors
  • a couple day's clothing for each member of your family

Tip: Use Speciality Boxes to Make Packing and Unpacking Easier

Finally, you should utilize some specialty boxes during your move if at all possible. For example, special wardrobe boxes and china boxes will make packing your closet and your kitchen a lot easier. In addition, once your items get to your new home safely, then they will be a lot easier to unpack. If you are using a professional moving service, then they will bring this type of box for your move. If you are moving your own household, then you can purchase wardrobe and china boxes at your local rental moving truck company's office.