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What Happens When You Need To Move But Your Next Home Isn't Ready?

Moving to a new home can be incredibly stressful due to having to pack up all of your belongings so they can be transported. While this job can be fairly straightforward when your next home is ready, it can be complicated when you don't have a place to go. This could be due to selling your current home with a delay in closing on your next home, or apartment leases that are timed poorly. If you find yourself in this situation, here is how you can make the moving process easier.

Know The Plan 

The only way to deal with this unique type of move is to place your items in storage temporarily. This will involve finding a storage unit that will fit all of your belongings, temporarily holding some of the items you need there, and taking the essentials to your temporary housing. 

Rent A Storage Unit

You'll want to find a storage unit that is close to the temporary place that you are moving to. By picking a storage unit that is not out of the way, it will help your moving day go smoothly since everything will be near each other. In addition, having the storage unit nearby will make it easier to go back and get things you forgot about and later need.

Hire Professional Movers

Start by finding a local moving company that can help you out, and then explain to them your situation. You may find that it is not as unique as you think, and the movers have handled jobs like this in the past. This will help them plan accordingly with how many miles need to be traveled and how much time it will take.

Separate Your Packed Belongings

Everything in your home will need to be divided into things that are going into storage and things you plan to take with you to your temporary housing. It's best to mark items so that your movers can easily figure out what is what. The temporary housing items will be placed in the front of the truck since they will be unloaded last, and the items going into storage will be packed near the back so they can be taken to a storage facility.

Plan For Your Official Move-In Day

You'll need to schedule movers a second time to move into your next home, but things will be a bit easier. The movers will now need to pick things up at your temporary housing and the storage unit so it can all be taken to your new home. 

Contact a local moving storage service to find out more.