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4 Reasons To Rent A Climate Controlled Storage Unit For Your Clothing

If your clothing exceeds the space you have in your home, you may want to purchase a storage unit for your clothing. Although technically, you can store your clothing in a regular storage unit, investing in a climate-controlled storage unit can offer specific advantages and benefits for clothes storage. Here are four reasons why you should pay for a climate-controlled storage unit for your clothing. 

Reason #1: You Have Vintage Clothing 

Vintage clothing requires more care than regular clothing to continue to stay in such good condition. If you have vintage clothing already, you will want to keep the clothing in good condition. The clothing materials on older clothing are generally more fragile and need to be handled with more care. That means putting them in a climate-controlled storage environment so that humidity or cold temperatures don't' damage your vintage clothing. The wrong conditions can easily damage vintage clothing.  

Reason #2: Your Clothing is High Value  

You can pay ten dollars for a shirt or pay a hundred dollars for a shirt. You can pay twenty dollars for some jeans or two hundred dollars. If you are spending on the higher end of the pricing scale for your clothing, you will want to protect the investment you made in your clothing. 

It is one thing to have a low-cost item get ruined by moisture or mildew, and it is an entirely different thing to have something you spent hundreds of dollars on to get ruined by moisture and mildew. If you spent a lot of money acquiring your wardrobe, you would want to protect it from mold, mildew, and moisture with a climate-controlled unit.  

Reason #3: You Have Fragile Clothing 

Some material is sturdier than others. Certain materials, such as leather and lace, require special storage conditions. Suppose you have lots of items made with more fragile materials that require special care not to compromise their quality. In that case, you will want to invest in climate-controlled storage so that the environment your clothing is stored in is more like a closet and less like your garage.  

Reason #4: You Care About Your Clothing 

If you care about your clothing, and you want to significantly reduce the risk of them getting damaged when in storage, you will want to put them in the best possible conditions for success.  

The best possible conditions are what you get with climate-controlled storage. The temperature and humidity are kept at consistent temperatures and where the air circulates through your unit, avoiding that stale air smell with a regular storage unit. 

Invest in your clothing and protect it by renting a climate-controlled storage unit, where your clothing has the best chance of coming out of storage in great shape and ready for you to wear.  

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