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Organize And Pack Your Pottery Studio's Inventory Prior To Moving

If you own a pottery studio and have chosen to expand and operate from a larger facility in the near future, the following tips will help you organize and pack inventory prior to the day of the move. Once the contents arrive at the new building, they will be damage-free and you will not have difficulty locating specific materials and finished goods.

Seal And Label Raw Materials

Clay, glazing compound, paint, and other materials that are used to create finished goods need to be placed in airtight containers. If you do not have the original containers that products came in, you can place each material inside of a clear vacuum sealer bag before removing the air from the pouches and sealing them. Afterward, place a self-adhesive label on the outside of each bag that describes the contents.

Store the sealed bags inside of plastic bins that have lids. Affix a label on the outside of each bin that contains a rudimentary list of the materials that are packed inside. 

Pack Finished Goods In Cushioned Cartons

Purchase cartons that have dividers inside of them from a company that provides moving services. Wrap a piece of bubble wrap several times around each pot, vase, or any other finished good. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Pour a layer of crinkle cut packing paper or foam peanuts into the base of each carton that you will be filling. Label the bubble-wrapped items before placing each one inside of one of the cartons. Fill empty space inside of each carton with additional packing materials.

The dividers and the cushioning will preventing items from shifting while they are in transit to the new location. Seal the cartons with packing tape and affix labels to the outside of each one that specifiy that the contents inside are fragile and need to be handled with care.

Place Carving, Glazing, And Painting Tools In A Storage Unit On Wheels

Small tools that are used to sculpt clay items can be placed inside of a storage unit's drawers. Many storage units are made out of metal that is weather resistant. A unit's drawers can often be locked, preventing theft prior to or during a move. If you own a storage unit that has wheels secured to its base, on moving day it can be pushed through the studio that you are currently operating out of and up a ramp that is attached to a moving van.

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