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3 Boat Storage Tips for the Offseason

Bass boats, speed boats, sailboats, and dinghies. All of these boats are great in their own way. One consistency you should follow is storing your boat in the off-season or when it isn't out on the water. This means learning a little more about your boat storage options.

1. Recognize what boat storage is for and whether you want professional help

Most people need boat storage because they are putting the boat up for the winter. Inclement weather can really damage your boat to the point that your boat freezes or has other problems. Storing your boat keeps it safe and ready to go as soon as you need it. Storing your boat professionally can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. It helps you to prevent a lot of challenges and you will appreciate how clean and beautiful your boat is when it's time to retrieve it.

2. Study and choose the different forms of boat storage

There are a lot of different ways to professionally store a boat. Drydocking is a common form of boat storage. It takes the boat out of the water so that it doesn't cause paint and metal to wear away or rust. This storage is similar to warehouse racking, and there are several boat storage companies that offer this service.

If you are storing the boat at the marina you are most likely keeping it docked in the water. With this kind of boat storage, you need to be aware of algae and whether you are keeping it in saltwater or freshwater.

3. Clean and take care of your boat when you store it

Before you take your boat in for the season you need to test it out. If it is operating weirdly or giving you issues, you should take it to the repair shop. If you don't, the problems could get worse while the boat is in storage. A lot of boat storage companies will advise you to drain the tanks of all fuel before sending it off for storage. They also offer fueling services for when you take it back out onto the water.

It is also a good idea to help protect your boat even while it is in storage. You can do this by getting an insurance plan. You can buy a boat insurance plan that will cover it during certain seasons, or purchase a plan specifically from the boat storage company.

Planning out your boat storage is necessary whether you dry dock it or keep it stored on the water.

To learn more, visit a boat storage unit facility near you.