Storing Seasonal Home Décor

Renting Out Your Home Short-Term? 5 Ways Self-Storage Helps

Do you want to list your primary or vacation home as a short-term vacation rental during the tourist season? As you prepare the house for its debut, be sure to rent a nearby self-storage unit. Why? Here are five of the most valuable ways it can help.

1. Store Personal Items 

To rent out any home you personally live in (full-time or part-time), you should clear out the personal items you leave behind and make it a neutral space. This includes personal photos and mementos, your kids' artwork, pet supplies, and clothing. Keep these all together and dry in a storage unit for easy access and an easy return when the season is over. 

2. Clear Out the Clutter

Just as staging helps sell a home, reducing excess furnishings and décor can make a house more attractive as a rental option. In addition, you can improve the flow of the house for larger parties and even fit more beds or other practical items. But what to do with all that stuff? Don't feel the need to get rid of what you like. Instead, just store it offsite but nearby and replace it later. 

3. Use It as a Safe

Lock up your valuables for the duration. While some landlords use a safe on the premises, this means your valuable items are still at risk of curious or even mischievous renters and their kids. The best place to move them is to a different, locked location with no relation to the unit you're renting. 

4. Store Landlord Needs

Caring for the house during people's stays and between renters requires tools and supplies. You may need to keep on hand various cleaning supplies for use between renters, as well as lawnmowers or dangerous gardening equipment, vacuums, and carpet cleaners. Along with permanent equipment, you'll probably have extra consumables like toilet paper and extra linens. Avoid filling up the house by keeping these safely offsite. 

5. Create an Office

Keep up with the administration of your rental property by using a self-storage facility as a temporary office. This is where you can organize and store receipts, invoices, operating documentation, and office equipment for your small business. You can even occasionally store cash and checks and even meet with vendors. 

Where to Start

Take a tour of self-storage options in your immediate area to learn more about what's available. Many storage facilities provide a variety of sizes and shapes, indoor and outdoor access, and climate control. No matter what you want to move out of your house to open it for rental, you can find a storage option that will fit perfectly. Visit today to get started.