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How To Help Your Movers Get In And Out Faster

Hiring movers is definitely a good way to simplify your move. Because they have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do so, movers are often able to pack and move your items faster than you could on your own. However, there are a few things you'll want to do in order to ensure your movers can get in and out quickly and efficiently.

Have them come do an on-site estimate

Most moving companies will give you an estimate over the phone. But if they are willing to look over your home and do an on-site estimate, definitely choose this option over a phone estimate. If the movers have already seen what they have to move and where it is located in your home, they'll arrive more prepared. For example, if they have already seen that there's a huge sofa in the back room, they may bring a stronger wheel-cart for that couch. Being able to prepare ahead of time will help your movers get in and out faster.

Clear the way

Movers have to be very careful when walking over area rugs, floor mats, and other obstructions. These things can really slow them down since they'll need to carefully pick up their feet and focus on not tripping with each pass. You can thus save your movers time by picking up all area rugs and mats before their arrival. If you need certain mats in place to protect your floors, then tape down the edges with painter's tape. This way, the mats won't move when your movers walk over them.

Set items you don't want to be moved off to the side

If there are items you plan on moving yourself, or items you want to remain in your home for any other reason, make sure you set those to the side before your movers arrive. This way, you won't have to continually make your movers stop to set items aside while they're trying to pack your items. They can just keep packing.

Have drinks and snacks set aside

You're not obligated to provide your movers with food or drinks, but doing so is certainly a nice gesture. It can also help your movers keep working more efficiently. They won't have to take time away to go to the store or a coffee shop. Some bottled water, electrolyte drinks, and granola bars will be much appreciated!

With the tips above, you can help your movers get in and out of your home faster. Everyone appreciates an efficient move. Contact a movers company, such as Eagle Moving LLC, near you to get started.